Contrary to what the name suggests, a hair oil bath does not mean dipping your hair in a tub of oil. In fact, it is all about soaking a sufficient amount of vegetable oils all the way down the hair and onto the scalp. In this blog we will explain the importance of the hair oil bath and how to do it.

What is a hair oil bath?

A hair oil bath means coating vegetable oil on your hair to nourish it. The oil that will be applied to your hair and scalp and will provide them with the nutrients necessary for healthy hair. The hair oil bath is the basis when it comes to hair care, beauty and nutrition. You want to have healthy, shiny and strong hair: the oil bath is your best ally.

Why do you need to take a hair oil bath

Our hair sometimes lacks sebum and essential fatty acids, which is why hair oil baths are recommended. Vegetable oils help maintain the hydration of the hair and fight against dryness and therefore breakage. It also helps protect the hair against the drying effects of shampooing and allow allows easy detachment, therefore, important to carry out regular routines to nourish your hair. With repeated oil baths your hair will become less dry, more flexible, strong, shiny and nourished from the scalp to the lengths.

When to do a Hair oil bath and how often?

The hair oil bath should be done before your shampoo in prepoo on unclean hair if possible. Depending on your needs and if you have just return to natural hair and your hair is very dry, soak it in the oil once a week. If it is not the case twice a month should be enough.

How to carry out a hair oil bath

– Split your hair into several sections to facilitate their handling,

– The coating of your hair oil bath into each section can be done:

Option 1: On dry hair

Option 2: On damp hair (Moisten them with a spray bottle filled with water, hydrolat or an herbal infusion)

– In order to optimize the action of the oil bath and its infiltration as much as possible, you can preheat your oils in a bain-marie (Optional)

– Apply your oil bath section by section from the scalp to the lengths while massaging gently.

– Cover your hair with cellophane paper, a plastic cap or a heated cap to create a warming effect. It will facilitate the penetration of the oil into the hair follicles.

How long does it take?

It is recommended to leave your hair oil bath for at least 30 to 45 minutes for better efficiency. You can do this for a maximum of two hours, which is more than enough. It all depends on your availability.


All you need to do is wash your hair with a mild foaming shampoo.

Which oils should I use?

Depending on your issue: activate the growth of your hair, limit frizz, nourish the lengths as much as possible, stop the breakage of your hair, Osmi has several suitable care oils. There are a multitude of vegetable oils with which you can make your hair oil bath depending on the desired benefits: such as sesame, argan, olive, mustard, Kinkeliba, plantain oil. The main thing is to use oils or butters that are suitable for your hair. Click on   Our Ingredients – osmicreations to discover the qualities of the vegetable oils that we use.

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