Our Story

Osmi is a hair care brand created for those who appreciate a holistic approach to daily self-care rituals. Osmi Creations products are also set up for anyone aware of the value of hair and who wishes to sublimate their hair while remaining in adequacy closer to the natural.

After several years of research and experiments with natural remedies to overcome the problems of lack of growth, breakage, dryness and hair loss; the founders have chosen to offer and share solutions to your hair problems by putting the emphasis on what nature has to offer. Nature abounds in a lot of riches and from this we have been able to benefit from it. Yes, we can treat our hair problems with nothing but water, oils and herbs.

At Osmi Creations, our goal is to meet the wants, needs and expectations of customers with a range of varied and natural hair products.

Osmi Creations’ vision is to continue to provide its customers with the best for the health of their hair. To continue to create high-quality natural hair care products that deliver real performance results for the satisfaction of its customers.

OSMI products are made from 100% natural ingredients and focus on healthy hair. A mix of ingredients is chosen with respect to provide a solution to all those who wish to give life to their hair, especially those who have lost all hope of seeing their hair grow back.