Our Founder

Meet Marina OTSE

Founder and CEO of Osmi Creations LLC.
Marina can be described as simple, loving, discreet, and affectionate. Originally from Gabon, she now lives in Wisconsin in the USA.
Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a BTS in Accounting, Marina has proven herself in a Gabonese company where she served for nearly 20 years.
Affected by hair loss, she developed a passion for hair care. This passion gave birth to a desire to help all those who like her face the same problems.
In this surge of passion, she entered the field of cosmetics. From personal learning, she attended a school in London named Formula Botanica Cosmetics to become a formulation specialist.
Today she is the head of Osmi Creations LLC.
Despite her love for numbers and accounting, she remains very enthusiastic about Osmi Creations, which provides natural hair products made with care and love.
Marina never fails to give glory to God, to whom She attributes everything she has. Marina is very excited about the future of Osmi Creations.